r מנהגי עדן בליל הסדר [אנגלית] - נוסח תימן

מנהגי עדן בליל הסדר [אנגלית]

23 ינואר

This time every year we all look forward to the up and coming Seder night. The traditional sights, smells, sounds and customs join together giving us a taste of how our holy fathers performed the Seder night in Adan.

Following are a few examples of Pesach customs brought down by the holy rabbis of Adan that have taught us how important it is to keep strictly to the customs that we have received from our fathers.  

Firstly is Kevod morenu verabenu harav Banin Ben Harav Menachem Banin z”l who was appointed the Rosh av-beth din of Adan after the death of the previous av-beth din his father in the year 1889 (approx). He compiled a booklet containing the customs practised by our holy community in Adan.

Next is Kevod morenu verabenu harav Shemuel Ben Harav Yosef Yeshua z”l best known for his sefer Nahalat Yosef.  In this sefer he dedicated a chapter to the customs of our holy community

להורדה לחץ כאן